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Who We Are

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Board & Founding Member

I have been involved in Ghana since 2014 and visit the country regularly. Many intensive experiences and encounters have shaped me, friendships have developed.

"The world is what you think of it" is my motto. I think Africa is a wonderful continent.

The nature is overwhelmingly beautiful, the people peaceful, warm and very close to nature. We can learn an incredible amount from each other!

In October 2019, a woman in Accra took care of me when I needed help. She said, "We are ONE human race, we all share the same blood...."

The creation of this association is a matter of the heart. I want to build bridges, but not because of economic interests (unfortunately there are far too many of those), but on the basis of understanding and humanity.



Board & Founding Member

My life motto: 

"I want to make my possible contribution to the world." Together with my family we visited Ghana several times. This was a wonderful experience for everyone involved and confirmed to me once again that it is the right way to start my own heart project here. 

By founding the association, I have shared my enthusiasm and commitment with activities such as a benefit concert, various fundraising activities and experience lectures. More ideas and concepts are still in store for me and my helpers, so that as many children as possible will get the chance to realize their life's dream thanks to the FREE AFRICA FAMILY. 

Let yourself be guided by the voice of your heart. Do good, share and be open to the needs of others.



Board & Founding Member

I became aware of this project through my husband, René. To experience how his enthusiasm has also transferred to me through the support of the FREE AFRICA FAMILY, makes me grow daily and motivates me to support this special project. I am affectionately called "Mum" by the children in Ghana and I am very happy to take on this role on site as well.

I support the association by actively assisting my husband in various projects such as organizing bingo nights (lottery), various fundraising activities and I am responsible for the online store.

My personal motto: Through love, fun and gratitude to create together and overcome barriers.



Founding member

I personally believe that every negative development is followed by something positive. 

This is what happened last year when my friend Richie, a player and coach of my local soccer club, was deported to Ghana. Through an appeal for help on Facebook, contact was made with the current members of the FREE AFRICA FAMILY and Richie was able to get a good foothold in Ghana.

The background and the idea of the FREE AFRICA FAMILY inspired me directly and with lasting effect. Even though I personally have not been to Ghana yet, I will put my heart and soul into giving young people there a good perspective. And the visit on site will surely follow soon - I am looking forward to it!



Founding member

I lost my heart to Ghana in 2017, when I volunteered in a social project after graduating from high school.

The country and the people swept me away and have not let go since then.

Open, colorful, and full of life, that's Ghana for me and that's what I think are the most important qualities of a culture. We can learn a lot from each other and support each other.

The foundation of FAFA is my passion and comes from the heart. I am looking forward to the future of our project, to a great collaboration with all the wonderful people we can reach and to contribute a small part to the big picture.

My motto is: With passion and heart you can achieve anything.




Through a friend I became aware of the foundation of the association. When he asked me if I had time and if I wanted to get involved, I was initially at a loss, as I have no connection to Ghana or soccer. 

However, I have always been interested in the topics of participation, equal opportunities, education and culture. Some of the topics listed are unfortunately not part of society everywhere in Ghana. 

I would like that these young people also get the chance to participate, even if we can only come closer to the goal step by step through a small contribution and commitment. Therefore, I am now also part of the FFREE AFRICA FAMILY and I am happy to get something going to offer children and young people opportunities to get out of their precarious life situation.

My personal motto is: Be the change you want to see in this world.

Joanna Ottensmeyer


The concept and the vision of the Free Africa Family have inspired me from the beginning.

After I became aware of FAFA by chance through an acquaintance, it was immediately clear to me that I would like to actively support this project and develop it further in order to offer as many children as possible the chance of a better future and a self-determined life.




Since 2020 enthusiastic member of the Free Africa Family.

The African continent has always interested me. The life of the people in these different, colorful cultures, the flora and fauna, the animal world.

As a running coach, I am passionate about the integration and promotion of African runners in our club. I have come to know them and appreciate them very much.

Since our daughter Julia did her volunteering in a social project in Ghana in 2017, new contacts with great people, the Free Africa Family in Ghana have been established. 

The FAFA project is so versatile with its four basic pillars FAFA Education, Housing, Sustainability and Football Academy. There are many possibilities to offer girls and boys from poor backgrounds a perspective and to do good. 

Often the simplest things for life are missing, household, clothes, school material, books and much more. That is why I help here on site to collect donations and ship them to Ghana.

My motto: Nothing moves by itself, be the engine of your wishes and goals.




Through my son I was able to get to know and love the project. 

When I visited Ghana, I was received with love and immediately welcomed into their midst. 

in their midst. I admire with what calmness, composure, 

mindfulness and love the people in Ghana live. 

I support FAFA in all aspects, bingo evenings, sale of self-made 

self-crocheted toys, donation appeals and much more.

My motto is:

"We can't change the wind, but we can set the sails differently."




Since my first visit to Ghana in 2016, I have been captivated by the zest for life and positive energy of the people, especially the children. These beaming faces, coupled with their firm belief that they can and want to make a difference, have left a deep impression on me. 

Unfortunately, the prospects for many of these children after school do not look rosy. I am therefore proud to be part of the FAFA team, which is committed to accompanying these children on their journey and giving them the tools to become independent.

At FAFA, we focus on helping people to help themselves. I am very happy when the kids are allowed to realize their dreams. 

My aim is for these children to be able to proudly say one day that they are pursuing their dreams independently and are no longer dependent on financial help. In addition, the many visits to Ghana have resulted in really great friendships, and every time you come back, you think: "Wow, you've grown up." It is simply wonderful to be able to experience this development and to be a part of the dreams.




Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Unfortunately, in many places in the world, it is also a privilege to be able to educate oneself and change things accordingly. For yourself and for others.

I first became aware of FAFA through Jürgen, a good friend of my father. I found the enthusiasm with which he spoke about this project close to his heart very inspiring. I particularly like the idea of making a small contribution to giving children in Ghana new prospects for the future. That's why I've been a member of the association since the end of 2021.




I became aware of the FREE AFRICA FAMILY project through Jürgen in October 2022. At the time, I was looking for a project close to my heart that would suit me as I was preparing for the new phase of my life as a retiree.

I browsed for a long time and couldn't find anything suitable.

The conversation with Jürgen immediately touched my heart and it was clear that I wanted to help. Then came the question of "where and how". I found myself in the role of architect and draw all the construction plans that we build on the campus in Ghana. This challenges but fulfills me in equal parts.

I have two life mottos and both fit the FREE AFRICA FAMILY project "The impossible is done immediately, miracles take a little longer".

The second comes from Michael Jackson, whom I admire very much, because he dedicated his whole life and work to the well-being of children: "Make the world become a better place", this is also my dream and our children on earth will live there.

I know in my heart of hearts that we can do this, so I follow my inner voice and just do it.




I have been part of the FREE AFRICA FAMILY (FAFA) community since November 2021.

A friend introduced me to this project and I was immediately convinced and enthusiastic.

The energy and drive put into this project is truly admirable.

Seeing how this project goes on and on, never giving up and thus giving children in Ghana the chance of a better future is what FAFA is all about for me.

My motto is:

"Hold the vision. Trust the process."

I think this describes the spirit behind FAFA quite well and I am happy and grateful to be a part of this process and to be able to contribute to this project.




I got to know Jürgen Henneberger by a funny coincidence and he told me about FAFA.

The transparency and the sparkle in his eyes immediately convinced me and gave me a good feeling. You always think about how you can help, but you also know that in other organizations a lot of donations don't end up where they are intended for.

Knowing that every cent donated to FAFA is also used for FAFA immediately made me want to help and be a part of it. Even though I only help with a small monthly amount at the moment, I often think about how I could help and maybe one day there will be another task that I can take on.

In any case, I am delighted to be a part of FAFA and it always gives me goosebumps to be able to follow the progress.

You guys are just great!!!

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